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8 October 2018 - Gene therapy breakthrough in treating a rare form of blindness

Researchers have successfully used gene therapy to improve the vision in people with a rare genetic cause of blindness, in the world’s first gene therapy trial for choroideremia.

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7 June 2018 - Research reveals insulin levels undergo “seven year switch” in type 1 diabetes

Insulin levels in people with Type 1 diabetes drop rapidly for seven years after diagnosis before stabilising, new research has revealed.

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24 May 2018 - New link found between alcohol, genes and heart failure

New research suggests that a faulty gene may interact with alcohol to accelerate heart failure, even if the person drinks only moderate amounts of alcohol.

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21 March 2018 - First 'non-gene' mutations behind neurodevelopmental disorders discovered

A study of almost 8,000 families has found for the first time that mutations outside of genes can cause rare developmental disorders of the central nervous system.

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